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unlimited submissions a day (this is the beginning number. if there become too many to handle, this number wil be lowered, but notifications will be sent)
dont worry about getting things in the right folder. We're not lazy here, we can move it to the right one.
we don't report people for using screencaps screenshots, or actual Marvel/DC owned comic scans, but we will have to decline any such submissions to keep the group from getting in trouble.
the obvious: no bullying, but criticism allowed, so long as it stays civil enough. We defend free speech 100%, and crush abusers just as thoroughly. Not an abuser? then no worries~! Deathstroke wanted to be in charge of handling bullies... at first we said "no", but then he got that look in his eye, and...
another obvious: no stealing other people's work, we will both report you to dA administration AND alert anti-theft groups such as "the doombringers" about you. Count your blessings. You should hear what Deadpool wanted us to do to you...
ALL mature content MUST be properly labled by dA's "mature warning system". If they're not, we will ask you to add the warning in the submission edit screen & wait to accept your submission after you tell us it's been changed properly. And Cable's in charge of dealing with trouble makers who don't do the job right >:-)
Deadpool & Deahtstroke walk into a bar...
(after all the seriousness of the rules I thought it would be a good idea to lighten the mood with a joke <3 )
-OH- ... ... ... um... sorry, while I was talking in parentheses tempers flared, the situation snowballed and now everybody in the bar is dead... except Deathstroke & Deadpool. They carried the fight into the next building...
... and across the room is Cable and Deadpool sitting at a table together.
-Deadpool: "NARRATOR!! We're not, ya know, TOGETHER! Sheesh, two guys can't sit in a bar together?!"
... a gay bar?
-Deadpool: "IS THAT WHERE WE ARE?!??! that explains the bartender's adam's apple-!"
-Cable: "The bartender's a guy, that happens. Shut your insanity up for five minutes, Wade... we have our target."
-Deadpool: " .... NOT a gay guy, right?"
-Cable: "SOPA can't pass..."
-Deadpool: "You didn't answer my question...!!"
-Cable~annoyed: "Where's Slade...?"
-Deadpool: "People can be gay, I don't care-! Really!"
-Cable~ignoring Deadpool: "Dammit, we're going to miss our chance...!"
-Deadpool: "I'm not a gay basher, I'm just NOT gay myself! ....... STOP ARGUING WITH ME, THOUGHT BUBBLE!!!!"
-Cable~standing: "that's it...!!"
-Deadpool: "The bubble started it! ..... YOU DID TOO!!!!"
-Cable: "Wade, get in place. We're making the move without Deathstroke."
-Deadpool: "Oh, good! He thinks he owns ALL the waitresses! ...... this isn't over, you bubble bastard...!!!"
-Cable~freezes: "Wade...!"
-Deadpool: "No, goddammit, go fuck your own bubble brains, I'm busy!"

[suddenly, Cable lunges at Deadpool, diving them both under the next table over]

-Deadpool: "I SAID I'M NOT GAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[before either can argue, their ears are deafened by explosions and eyes blinded by them]
[people scream, a few passersby were injured in the shrapnel and stray blasts]
[the activity slows down, civis calling 911 and some going into hysterics. Nothing new to the two hiding under the table]

-Cable: ".... bastard...!"
-Deadpool: "Hey, at least I only had gas this time!"
-Voice: "I see that mouth is still in tact."

[they begin getting up, looking over the now battered tabletop to see Deathstroke standing in the blown-out wall, a foot propped up on the remaining fragments, rocket launcher in hand]

-Cable: "What the hell happened to the plan?"
-Deathstroke: "It went as I intended."
-Cable: "Dammit, Slade--it'll take more than that to stop SOPA and you know it!"
-Deathstroke: "Yeah, but just what do WE do, Cable? We're fictional. The real people need to sign the petition and stage the blackouts. This is the best we can do. And you know it. Even the mouth knows it."
-Deadpool: "My peanut bowl! He blew up my peanut bowl! I wasn't finished with that yet--it was my breakfast!! How am I going to start the day now?! Cos I'm NOT going back to that sneaky asswipe, Lucky! Not after what he does to those CHARMS!"
-Deathstroke: "You two do whatever you want. Stop wasting my time."

[Deathstroke leaves, tossing out the link to the petition for any civis to use -->… ]

-Deadpool: "Hey, when he called me 'mouth', that didn't mean..."
-Cable~smirking: "he's predictable as hell."
-Deadpool: "... thought bubble? Hey! He killed Thought Bubble! I hope I don't owe him..."

[Cable turns to leave]

-Deadpool: "Hey, wait-! If you're going to eat Tony, I want the tail! Just not the part that's close to the ass, that can't be as g-reat as he says...!"


This was my humorous attempt to say to you guys: SOPA'S BACK! sign the petition to stop it!

The link again-->…
cuz Slade was nice enough to leave it for ya ;) in one piece.


sorry for the slightly OOC Deadpool... I have to get back into his character ^^;
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